“The Big Apple – 2006 Edition”

Per Player $ USD (includes BBQ)

Tournament Pass & Chelsea Piers NY BBQ Awards Ceremony
Adult $ USD
Child (6-17) $ USD

Tournament Features

2 x 20 Minute Stop Time Periods
Tournament MVP (European Tour)
Leading Scorer Award
Championship Awards
All-Star Team Prizing
Uniforms Supplied: Sweaters, Socks and Pant Covers
Paid Coaches

Tournament Barbeque & Awards Presentation in Manhatten overlooking the Hudson River…!!!

July 11th-15th, 2018
New York, New York


This Tournament Comprises Players Of Birth Year 2006 Or Younger And Is Approved By Pro Hockey Development Group.

  1. REGISTRATION. A Team Official must register 60 minutes prior to their team’s first game. Each team will provide a contact person, phone number, and email address for which they can be reached during the tournament.
  1. GAME TIMES, START FORMAT & FLOOD SEQUENCE. All games consist of two 20-minute stop time periods with a 3-minute warm-up before the 1st period. Teams will start ALL GAMES at “opposite end”. For example, “Home Team” will commence warm-up and 1st period at “Away” side. Rink will be flooded after each game.
  1. 15-MINUTE EARLY START. All teams must be prepared to play their games up to 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time, in the event the tournament is ahead of schedule.
  1. JERSEY CONFLICTS. You must mark your jersey colour in the space provided on game sheet. In the case of jersey conflicts, the visiting team must switch jersey colours. Alternate jerseys/pinnies may be provided by Pro Hockey Development. The numbers on the alternates must be recorded on the game sheet before puck drop.
  1. TIMEOUTS. There will be no time outs during “Round Robin” play. During “Play Off” games, each team will be permitted one 30-second time out.
  1. SUSPENSIONS. A hit from behind results in an automatic ejection and at minimum, a 2-minute penalty. A 5-minute major penalty results in an automatic ejection and at minimum, a 1-game suspension. Any player that receives a second major penalty will result in a tournament ejection. Any player and/or team official who receives a match penalty or gross misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
  1. NO BODY CONTACT. There is no body contact at The Big Apple. In the event of body contact, a 2-minute penalty will be assessed against the offending player.
  1. MERCY RULE. At the beginning of the 2nd period, or at any time thereafter, in both round robin and playoffs, if a team is ahead by six or more goals, the clock will change to “running time” (no clock stoppages at whistle). Subsequently, if the difference is reduced to less than four goals, the clock will revert back to stop time.
  1. PLAYERS, GOALIES, COACHES & MANAGERS. No player may play for more than one team. Mouth guards are not required, but recommended. Each team must carry two goalies. Teams must provide their own locks for the dressing rooms.
  1. PROTESTS. No protests will be allowed. Tournament officials will consider any logical grievance, or suggestion when presented in a calm and professional manner by a designated team official only. Protests regarding officiating will not be heard.


  1. POOLS. The Big Apple tournament is comprised of ten (10) boys teams split between two (2) pools of five (5) teams… “EMPIRE” & “LIBERTY”.
  1. GAMES. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of six (6) games with the potential to play up to eight (8) games.
  1. REFEREES. All games utilize registered minor hockey league game officials.


  1. NUMBER OF GAMES. Round Robin play consists of (5) “Crossover” games, whereby games are only played between teams from the opposing pool. In round robin play, teams within the same pool do not play each other.
  1. GAME LENGTH. All Round Robin games consist of two (2) x 20-minute stop time periods. Start game at opposite end. No timeouts in Round Robin play.
  1. POINTS. In the Round Robin, points are awarded as follows: Two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss.
  1. EMPIRE & LIBERTY CHAMPIONS. At the conclusion of the Round Robin, each team that finishes in 1st place in its pool will be awarded a prize. In the event of a tie in points between two or more teams in a pool, 1st place will be determined by the enclosed Tie Breaking Sequence. See below.


In the event of a tie between 2 or more teams after the conclusion of the five (5) game “Crossover” Round Robin, the following tie breaking procedures are used to determine

the winners of each pool, Liberty & Empire. The same rules apply to determine the Big Apple playoff seeding… one (1) to ten (10).

  1. HEAD-TO-HEAD. The winner of the round robin game between tied teams gains the higher position.
  1. MOST WINS. If still tied, the team with the most wins in the round robin gains the higher position.
  1. BEST GOAL QUOTIENT. If still tied, then the team with the best goal quotient (higher number) gains the higher position.


Total “goals for” / (Total “goals for” + Total “goals against”)

Example… “For” = 10 goals. “Against” = 4 goals. Ratio =10/(10+4)= .714.

Higher Percentage Number, Gains Higher Position


Goal Differential is maxed out at 5 goals for tie-breakers.

Example… For tie breaking purposes only, an 8-1 win is formulated as a 6-1 win.

  1. GOAL DIFFERENTIAL TIED TEAMS ONLY. If still tied, the team with the highest goal differential (goals for minus goals against) amongst tied teams only gains the higher position.
  1. FEWEST GOALS AGAINST. If still tied, the team with the fewest goals against (all round robin games played) will gain the highest position.
  1. MOST GOALS FOR. If teams still tied, the team with the most goals for (all round robin games played) will gain the highest position.
  1. LEAST PENALTY MINUTES. If still tied, the team with the least number of minutes in penalties throughout all of the round robin games, gains the higher position.
  1. 1ST GOAL SCORED HEAD-TO-HEAD. If still tied, the team which scored the first goal in the game between the tied teams gains the higher position.
  1. COIN TOSS. If still tied, a coin toss will determine which team gains the higher seed.


  1. OVERALL STANDINGS. At the conclusion of Round Robin play, playoff match ups will be based on overall standings, regardless of pool. In the event of a tie between one or more teams, seeding will be determined by the enclosed Tie Breaking Sequence. See above.
  1. SEEDING & BRACKETS. Teams will be seeded 1 through 10. Seeds 1 through 8 will play a quarterfinal elimination game. Seed 9 and 10 will play a “Sunday Friendly”.

Sunday Playoffs (Top 8 Seeds)

Sunday Friendly (Seed 9 v. 10)

  1. PLAYOFF GAME LENGTHS. All playoff games consist of two 20-minute periods. Teams start 1st period at opposite ends of rink. Each team is entitled to one 30 second timeout per playoff round game.
  1. OVERTIME. If needed, a 5-minute “Sudden Win” 3-on-3 overtime period will take place to determine the winner. This rule applies to all games in the playoff rounds.


  1. BEST OF 3 SHOOTOUT. If still tied, each team picks their first 3 shooters. These 3 players cannot be used in a potential 1st round of sudden death shootout. Any player that was still serving a penalty at the conclusion of overtime cannot shoot.
  1. SUDDEN DEATH SHOOTOUT. If still tied, the first team to win the 1-on-1 shoot out wins game. Each team member shoots before any one player can shoot twice. Any player that was still serving a penalty at the conclusion of overtime cannot shoot until all other players have shot.


  1. GAME MVP. Each Round Robin game will feature one (1) Game MVP prize.
  1. LIBERTY & EMPIRE POOL WINNERS. Teams that place 1st in their respective pools will be recognized with an award.
  1. ALL STARS. Each player chosen as a BIG APPLE All Star will be awarded a prize.
  1. TOP SCORER. Tournament Top Scorer (after 5 game round robin).will receive a prize.
  1. BIG APPLE MVP. The Tournament MVP will receive a Pro Hockey European Tour Voucher.
  1. FINALISTS. Each member of the losing Finalist team will receive prizing.
  1. CHAMPIONS. Each member of the Tournament winning team will receive prizing.


All Tournament rules will be interpreted in a manner consistent with the objectives of the Tournament; namely, fairness, safety, and the enjoyment of the players. A decision by

the Tournament Director and/or President/Vice President of Pro Hockey Development Group (PHDG), whether or not specifically addressed by these rules, shall be binding upon all Tournament participants. The Tournament Director and/or President/Vice President shall have the authority to grant exemptions from or make modifications to any of the rules when it is considered fair and appropriate to do so in any specific situation.

All decisions by the Tournament Director and/or President/Vice President are final.



The Park Restaurant is conveniently located two blocks away from Chelsea Pier 61 Manhattan in the event you would like to visit this unique experience. We have added this restaurant as a must see. Feel free to click on the link and make a reservation while at visiting the rink.

  For MORE INFORMATION call (212) 352 – 3313

  118 10th Avenue, New York, 10011


The BEAST Speed Boat Ride

Ride to the Statue of Liberty on a 70-foot powerboat hitting speeds of up to 45 mph (May-September).


The Beast operates from APRIL 30 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2018. The boat ride departs from Pier 83, W. 42nd Street at West Side Highway, every hour on the hour 10 AM – 6 PM.

In other words:

10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, & 6pm

The ride is about 30 minutes long. Please arrive 30 minutes before your departure time to ensure that you can get on the boat!


Address: Pier 83 w 42nd Street and 12th Avenue, Just South of Circle Line Box Office, New York, NY 10036, United States

Phone: +1 212-563-3200