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The joy of the extreme moments of glory that the renowned hockey players enjoy only results after years of hardcore training sessions. Not only that, but a platform is also mandatory to show that hard work and to further motivate the player to reach the place where he dreams to be. And to do so, it is essential to start young and take part in the events that hone your skills set.


Triple Crown Chicago takes place every spring after three years and holds the standing of an ultimate hockey destination. With the help of The 6ix Hockey professional team, you can make your way into one of the top-rated AAA elite tournaments. The event will allow you to unveil your skills to the world and pick up great tricks and strategies that will lead you to be a pro one day.


The spring hockey tournament will bring out your inner hockey star in the incredibly competitive environment where each team is guaranteed to play six games. The event presents unparalleled opportunities for players from U.S. and Canada assembled in U14 to U18 Elite AAA teams where the games are played in three 15 minutes stop periods.


Triple Crown Chicago is a part of the spring hockey tournaments in the series of The Triple Crown hockey tournaments covering Chicago, Nashville, and Montreal. The tournament allows young hockey players to enjoy this time of their life with friends and relatives who will be offered a fine experience during their stay in Chicago.

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Triple Crown Hockey Spring Tournament

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