Triple Crown Nashville Hockey Tournament


Getting yourself in the best form for hockey is not just about practicing. It includes showcasing your form, learning, and skills and then channeling those abilities in a way that unleashes a player’s full potential. For that reason, The 6ix Hockey professionals can coach and enroll you in the International Hockey tournament. The AAA event will allow you to unveil your skills to the world and pick up great tricks and strategies that will lead you to be a pro one day.


Triple Crown Nashville, also known as the T.C. Nashville takes place every spring around March after three years. With the help of score charts, online statistics, and the presence of elite coaches, this high-quality tournament allows young players to meaningfully comprehend the performance as they go through the tournament.


Triple Crown Nashville is definitely the event for you if you plan on bringing out your inner hockey hero in a genuinely competitive environment. In the spring hockey tournament, each team is guaranteed to play six games with Divisions of U14 to U18 while the games are played in three 15 minutes stop time periods.


Triple Crown Nashville is a part of the spring hockey tournaments in the series of The Triple Crown hockey tournaments covering Nashville, Chicago, and Montreal. Triple Crown tournament series enjoy the stature of an ultimate hockey destination. The tournament allows young hockey players to enjoy this time of their life with friends and relatives who will be offered an exceptional experience during their stay in Nashville.

Meet The Coaches

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Coach XXX

Triple Crown Nashville Spring Hockey Tournament

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